How We Got Started

"As a performer, the confidence to follow my dreams has come naturally to me. I want to give that self- assurance to others," Julia Rae says, when asked the mission of Singing at the Top of My Lungs (SATML). "Whether or not a child is a performer or has another talent or goal, they need to know they too have a voice and can work towards their dreams no matter their obstacles." 

A portion of Singing at the Top of My Lungs' proceeds will go directly to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for research for a cure. "Research is the key," Julia emphasizes, "it is what has allowed me to sing at the top of my lungs." All other proceeds will go to support Child Life, Music, and Art Therapy Programs at children's hospitals.

​Julia Rae is a twenty-seven year old accomplished performer living with cystic fibrosis. A former Miss Pennsylvania's Outstanding Teen, Julia has been featured in the 6ABC Thanksgiving Day Parade, sung the national anthem for the Philadelphia Phillies, performed at Miss America in Las Vegas as well as in numerous shows and events. Julia founded SATML to use her voice to raise funds to cure lung disease and help her peers. To learn more about Julia, visit 

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Our Mission

Where We've Made a Difference

Music heals. Music inspires. Music is our mission. 


Singing at the Top of My Lungs is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering hospitalized children through music, art, and play.

We share the healing powers of music, art and play by: 
  • Supporting child life, music & art therapy programs
  • Honoring the work of child life specialists and music & art therapists
  • Giving voice to childrens' stories through song